September Update

September is the month for reaping your rewards; lots of crops, such as onions, potatoes, runner beans, courgettes, autumn raspberries, tomatoes, apples and the last of the runner beans, are ready to harvest. But you can also sow seeds for future harvests. You can sow leafy veg such as spring cabbages and spinach, winter salads, broad beans and peas for earlier harvests next spring, plus onions, shallots and garlic, and quick-growing crops such as turnips and radish. Happy gardening!


Six of us cleared the heaps of earth at the vehicle entrance to the site and installed a retaining wall of sleepers on the corner leading to the paddock. Unfortunately the weather was awful, so clearing area 3 will wait until another day. Thanks Willy, Sleman, Sleman Jnr, Steve, Jonathan and Jo.


After another consultation with the committee, and talking to the borough council, bonfires are now allowed. The environmental protection team at the council are fine with us having bonfires now, as long as we use common sense (only burn wood and dry garden waste and do not have bonfires on a windy day)


We have had reported instances of fruit and veg being stolen from plots. The committee would like to remind members that you are not allowed on other people’s plots, those found doing so will be asked to explain themselves. If you are found to have been stealing, then you will lose your plot and be banned from the site.


Fly tipping took place on the 25th August. The good news is that we caught the culprit and this has now been cleared. The next incident will be reported to the police and dealt with accordingly.


Unfortunately Covid-19 is still a real threat in Wellingborough, with extra guidelines being issued in August. We therefore are not changing the restrictions at the allotment. With the exception of allowing bonfires, all other guidance remains the same. Please continue to help us keep the allotments safe for you and everyone by remembering to keep two metres apart and by washing or sanitising your hands before and after touching the gates. Do not come if you are self isolating or you feel unwell.