The Allotment Project

Following on from the excellent performance of The Allotment Project at Ladywell Allotments, we would like to thank Wellingborough Eco Group as part of their Community Allotment project for organising this show for us, and Casson & Friends for bringing their performance to our allotments.

Here is a message from Tim Casson, Artistic Director:

We finished our tour of The Allotment Project just over a week ago and so I wanted to take the time to say thanks so much for hosting us!

It was great to return to Ladywell Allotments, and to meet more of the community there! I know the performers really enjoyed the day too, and it was a personal highlight watching Beth go with Jonathan to visit the community plot for the same tour that you had given me and became such a significant part of the show!

As a small company it’s always great to hear what people think, so I’d really appreciate it if you were able to take a moment to write a few words about the project, and let me know if there is any useful feedback from yourself or the community about the performance or logistical elements around it.

As an Arts Council funded project, there are also a few things we’re doing/offering and I wanted to let you know about them:

The Allotment Project Film

Last year we created a full length digital film of The Allotment Project, shot on location on an allotment in Kent.

The film is not currently publicly available, but we would like to try sharing the link to this film for free for 1 month with audiences in locations that we have already toured to.

We find that when we’re only visiting for 1 day, we sometimes miss audiences who only hear about it later – so this is an experiment to see if we can capture some of these audiences in a different way – and for those who enjoyed the performance to see more!

You can see the film here: (Password: grow)

Community Gardens Meetup

In creating and touring The Allotment Project, we visited 6 community gardens across the country, and it was suggested that doing something online to create connections between these spaces, to hear from other community gardens, and to share experiences was a rare and potentially useful opportunity.

I am planning to set up an online meet-up session over the next few months and would love you to be part of it – please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send a link with more information!

I think that’s all for now, but let me know your thoughts on these things and thanks so much again for all your enthusiasm and support!

Warm Wishes,


Tim Casson | Artistic Director

Thank you everyone who came to see the performance, and thank you for the positive feedback we have had from this. Here are some photos from the show performed outside our cabin…