August Update

August should be a busy time on the allotment because hopefully there’s lots of harvesting to do, including crops such as runner beans, beetroot, globe artichokes, carrots, courgettes, potatoes and raspberries.

You can still sow lots of crops in August, for harvests into autumn and beyond. They include lettuce (keep out of the glare of direct sun), rocket, spring onion, and radish; plus winter salads, including mibuna, mizuna, mustard leaf and lamb’s lettuce.


After another consultation with the committee, and taking into account that the borough council asked us to ban bonfires during the Covid-19 lockdown, the ban on bonfire continues. Do not have fires at this time.


If you have any metal on your allotment that you want to get rid of, please put it in the normal places for collection. We have someone who will collect it which it will costs us nothing.


This is why we need to keep the gates locked. Pytchley allotments were broken into last week and fly tipping has taken place. Such a mess and it could be our allotment that is fly tipped next, so please do ensure that you lock the gate! (We have fixed the padlock)


● Keep the hoe moving at every opportunity.
● Cut grass paths and verges around your plot to avoid weeds seeding on your plot.
● Prune stone fruit trees (plum, apricot, cherry and peach), complete the task as soon as possible. You want to aim for an open structure of branches and remove any that cross over so they don’t damage each other.
● Lift onions when the tops begin to fall over as this indicates that the bulb has stopped swelling.
● Water early in the morning or evening.
● Join our Facebook Group and share any pictures of your plot and your veggies.