June Update

We’ve just had the sunniest spring on record, and the driest May for over 100 years, so many of you may not be looking forward to more of the same, but at least we should be past the early morning frosts. We are going to be looking forward to the new season and what to do in June, but let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first…


As the Coronavirus lock down continues, please do continue to observe the restrictions that we have had to implement; we need to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.
Social distancing rules apply in exactly the same way as parks and other open spaces. You can be fined or arrested if you break social distancing guidance.

Plot holders should only be on their plots alone or with members of your household, and two
metres away from other members around the allotment. Other guests are not permitted at
this time. Please also note that drinking parties are not allowed at any time. Bonfires are also still banned, because they are affecting our neighbours’ health. Do not have fires at this time until the Covid-19 lock down has ended.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you to the vast majority of you who have paid their rent. This year’s invoicing has certainly made it easier for people to pay for their plot. To ensure that everyone pays their rent, and to reassure those that have, we will be sending out membership statements over the next few days. Please do let us know if you have any questions about this.


The hosepipe ban has been postponed until the end of June. Hosepipes may only be used to fill up barrels. Those found to be watering their plots with hoses will be asked to explain themselves to the committee.


Well behaved dogs are always welcome at our allotment, but please do keep them under control at all times.


Any member can join the committee, we are all plot holders ourselves. Not everyone on the committee has specific responsibilities, but all help to keep the allotment running smoothly. If you feel you could join us, please let us know.

The committee is as follows:
Chris Lovell (Chair) Dave Salmons (Secretary) Sleman Abdullah (Membership Secretary) Jonathan Hornett (Treasurer) Ross Draper (Site Steward) Joe Chambers, Willy Trottman, Howie Richardson, Steve Jackson and Nick Davey (who has just re-joined)


● Hoe at every opportunity to remove weeds and break-up the soil. This allows water to soak down into the earth (if it ever rains)
● Train in climbing beans and continue to put in supports for your peas. Water along the rows of peas to swell the developing pods.
● Carry on with the thinning out of seedlings of earlier sown crops.
● Don’t allow plants growing under glass to dry out or overheat.
● Water seed drills well before sowing seeds, this way young plants will develop a good root system.
● Sit down, relax in the sun, look at your plot, then start harvesting and enjoy your produce!