May Update

April has been challenging for everyone, but there has been a real buzz at the allotments, with lots of new and old plot holders making the most of the weather and the extra time that they have had. It’s been great to see new members bring their children with them, and to see the progress everyone has made. May of course will be, if anything, even busier at Ladywell


As the Corona virus lockdown continues we need to do everything we can to keep everyone safe. Please do continue to observe the restrictions that we have had to implement, which are:

● Come if you are self isolating, have a cough, are short of breath or have a fever.
● Go on other people’s plots at any time.
● Approach committee members or other plot holders in person, use email orFacebook.

● Come and tend your plot (if you’re healthy) alone or with members of yourhousehold.
● Keep your distance from other plot holders. We recommend a minimum of two metres or the length of a six foot bamboo cane.
● Use hose pipes to fill your water butts (restriction has now been lifted until June) but do not use them to water your plot!
● Wash or sanitise your hands before and after using gates at the allotment.

In addition to to our Corona virus restrictions, we are now imposing the following rules:


We have been instructed by the borough council to ban bonfires during the Covid-19 lockdown, because they are affecting our neighbours’ health. Do not have fires at this time until the Covid-19 lockdown has ended.


Please be aware that the allotment is a council owned facility and that social distancing rules apply in exactly the same way as parks and other open spaces. You can be fined or arrested if you break social distancing guidance. Plot holders should only be on their plots alone or with members of your household; and two metres away from other members around the allotment. Other guests are not permitted at this time. Please also note that drinking parties are not allowed at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you to everyone who has already paid their rent. Rent is due now everyone else! This year, we have sent an invoice to all of our members, do contact us if you have not received your invoice. We have invoiced everyone to make it easier for people to pay for their plot and to ensure that everyone
pays their rent. Please be aware that if people are not in contact with us regarding their rent or are not maintaining plots they may lose their plots. Please also note that each plot holder is responsible for keeping the roadway & verges clear & vegetation on verges should be cut back & well maintained.