July Update

The sun has been shining, we’ve had some rain too, it’s time to start harvesting, but there’s lots of weeding to do!


Thank you to everyone who has shared their point of view on our coronavirus restrictions in light of the government changing lockdown rules. The overwhelming feeling is that we should keep our restrictions in place so that we can keep everyone safe. It’s important to note that this disease has not gone away, and that many of our plot holders are vulnerable, so please do continue to observe the restrictions that we have had to implement, which are:


● Come if you are self isolating, have a cough, are short of breath, have lost your sense of smell or taste, or have a fever.
● Go on other people’s plots at any time.
● Approach committee members or other plot holders in person, use email or Facebook.


● Come and tend your plot (if you’re healthy) alone or with members of your household. Up to two guests are now also permitted on your plot, but please
note that drinking or barbeque parties are not allowed at any time.
● Keep your distance from other plot holders. We recommend a minimum of two metres or the length of a six foot bamboo cane.
● Wash or sanitise your hands before and after using gates at the allotment.
● Use hose pipes to fill your water barrels, but do not use them to water your plot!
Thank you for your cooperation.


We have been busy monitoring water meters and usage around the allotment; and so far this year the usage of water by our members has been manageable. Thank you everyone for only using hosepipes to fill up your barrels. Good news, because of this there will be no hosepipe ban this year, unless usage changes or a ban is imposed by the water company. Please continue to use hosepipes only to fill up your barrels. Those found to be watering their plots with hoses will be asked to explain themselves to the committee.


Well behaved dogs are always welcome, but please do keep them on a lead around the allotment site and under control on your plot.


After a consultation with the committee, and taking into account that the borough council asked us to ban bonfires during the Covid-19 lockdown, the ban on bonfire continues. Do not have fires at this time.


● Keep the hoe moving at every opportunity.
● Cut grass paths and verges around your plot to avoid weeds seeding on your plot.
● Start to draw the soil up around the base of Brussels sprouts and sweet corn plants to encourage extra roots.
● Now is the best time to sow the main crop of carrots to avoid attack from root fly.
● Install guttering on your shed to collect rain water, your plants will love you for this!
● Water early in the morning or evening.
● Join our Facebook Group and share any pictures of your plot and your veggies.
● Sit down, relax in the sun, look at your plot, then start harvesting and enjoy your produce!